This week’s podcast: Carl Pillitteri is working at a nuclear power plant when disaster strikes.
It was late at night. Beautiful full moon. And I went in the water, and it was perfect. I had what, for me, was the perfect life moment. I sat there under the full moon, in the water, just feeling really good, the waves sort of washing over me, and I realized that’s what life is. There are these moments of beauty, like moons and oceans, and then there are moments of horror. And then it’s good again. And then it’s horrible and kicks you in the face. And then it’s good again. And then it’s horrible and a pigsty, because that’s what life is. But then for a moment it’s good. And for me that was enough.

Perfect Moments by Brian Finkelstein,The Moth (via man-of-prose)

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Stories are powerful because they transport us into other people’s worlds but, in doing that, they change the way our brains work and potentially change our brain chemistry — and that’s what it means to be a social creature.
To my son’s generation, things are either awkward or they’re random.

Adam Gopnik on “The Moth” (via weplannedarevolution)

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Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler get married in San Francisco City Hall… as heard on this week’s podcast

[Photos by Thor Swift Photography]

Ireland, we’re coming your way March 22nd.

- Simon Doonan, 2013
I wanted the Partridge Family, and what was around me was the Addams Family.
This week’s podcast: Simon Doonan sets out on a mission to fulfill a childhood desire.

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