Do you guys ever have celebrities come in and tell stories? Love your show, buy the way, first heard about you on This American Life :)

Aw shucks, thank you!

And we do! Storytellers come from all walks of life, and that includes celebrities. Quite a few have graced The Moth stage -  actors, musicians, authors…For example, we actually just had Molly Ringwald (yes, that’s right, this Molly Ringwald) tell a story at our show in Durham a couple of weeks ago!

I would like to hear Sheila Heti, Tracy K Smith, Elizabeth McCracken, Saeed Jones, Baratunde Thurston, and of course, me. Thanks Moth!

Good list! Very good list. We approve.

Who has an awesome story that you think should be told? We’re all ears!

(By the way, if YOU have a story you want to tell, you should definitely hit up our pitch line.)