This week’s video: One half of the pop superstar duo Milli Vanilli recounts their rise and fall.

Awesome news: Mazz Swift hit her Kickstarter goal! Even better news: Now that she’s hit it, one of her stretch goals is to do a special edition vinyl. If you haven’t had a chance yet, make sure to send her your support and love!

Happy Halloween, storytellers! We’ve been sharing spooky stories all week to get in the spirit.

Our final story: Kimya Dawson’s job working at a Halloween maze comes back to haunt her. 

Host David Crabb at the Houston StorySLAM… remixed.

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Largehearted Boy asked Catherine Burns, our artistic director (and editor of our new book The Moth: 50 True Stories) to compile a playlist of songs related to the book. And as you’ll see, music was woven into the stories.

First time I saw Freddy Hubbard it was the jazz equivalent of James Brown. He might as well gotten on his knees and had a guy come up and put a cape on his back.

- Christian McBride

This week’s video: A young musician gets a once in a lifetime shot at the big time.

Other music from this hour from Lawless Music, Nigel Kennedy, the United States Marine Band, John Zorn, Vanilla Ice, Suburban Legends and The Little Mermaid soundtrack.
Music credits from this week’s episode of The Moth Radio Hour.
Oh no… it’s stuck in our heads now too!

Oh no… it’s stuck in our heads now too!

Stories don’t end.

They just go on and on.

Just someone stops listening.